Friday, March 30, 2012

"Friday Favorites..."

Favorite Spring Break moment: Payton and I feeding Roxy the dolphin at Marineland in St. Augustine, FL (Follow me on Instagram at Allykat13)

Favorite place to ride bikes: The beach with my kiddos!

Favorite animals: My neighbors doggies - Walker and Sierra. When they hear my voice they come a running. 

Favorite kitchen item: My mother-in-law bought me this beautiful green Dutch Oven.

Favorite new recipe: Lemon Chicken Orzo soup, even made it in my new Dutch Oven. Click here for the recipe.

 Favorite picture of Payton: We were playing in the fieldsI was sharing with her how when I was young these 'weeds' we would cut off and chew on the bottom of them to suck out the bitter juice. Now I have no earthly idea what they are called or if they are harmful so I only let her look at them. But as you can see she is very intrigued by this so called 'weed' her mommy would chew on as a kid.

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Spring Break -- Part Three"

As you can see in previous posts our Spring Break has been full of fun and adventure with my in-laws in town from Michigan. 

On my dear Mother-in-laws 'Bucket List' she wanted to check off one thing while she was down here in the Sunshine State -- to swim with the dolphins!

So off to Marineland we went! Before I show off our day at Marineland here is a little history lesson for you...

  • In 1938 Marine Studios opened
  • It was the world's first oceanarium and underwater motion picture studio
  • Later it was named Marineland and turned into a tourist attraction
  • Within two years the facility attracted nearly half-million visitors annually
  • In 1941 it was closed during World War II so the U.S. Coast Guard could use it for training.
  • But it took until 1946 until the facility was reopened to the public
  • Nellie is the worlds oldest and still living dolphin in human care at Marineland. She is 59 years old!

So here are in the in-laws and my mother-in-law grinning from ear to ear in excitement!

Let the fun begin...

Here is my mother-in-law and her encounter with Pepples

One HAPPY Mother-in-law!

Payton and I had our own encounter with Roxy. We got to feed, touch and have her do tricks for us.

After a great day at Marineland we went home to start baking and cooking for our family and friends get together for the next day.

Cherry Pie
Blueberry Pie
Homemade Butterscotch Pie

Yes, we ate other things at our cookout besides pies and cakes but they were just to pretty to pass up taking a picture of... 

Here are some quick pictures of our visit on Saturday morning to the Riverside Art and Fresh Market


What an eventful 10 days it has been but we all had a blast! Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

What are/were your plans for Spring Break?


Monday, March 26, 2012

"Spring Break -- Part Two..."

After a fun trip to Orlando staying in the Nickelodeon Hotel, Downtown Disney and Seaworld we got home an continued to show the in-laws all the great things Florida has to offer. 

Thursday while Chuck, his dad and my dad went fishing -- my mother-in-law, Payton and I went on an adventure to the Jacksonville Zoo.


Payton ran into a couple of her classmates at the Zoo

Payton, Michael and his little brother

Hunter and Payton

Payton is quite the social butterfly, isn't she? Speaking of butterfly -- we where able to visit the new Butterfly Hollow exhibit at the Zoo.

Next we were so excited to touch and feed the Sting Rays

Yes, this little girl will pose ANYWHERE!

Turtle Turtle

After a great day at the Zoo we were surprised by the boys with two beautiful '24 Reds...

 Hope you enjoyed our Spring Break adventures so far. Stay tuned for Part Three -- our adventure to Marineland.

I'd love to hear all about your adventures for Spring Break?