Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"The toothless one..."

Yesterday our sweet girl lost yet another tooth. This makes her 3rd tooth. Needless to say the tooth fairy has been quite busy in our household lately. 

 Every moment should be cherished with your little ones because in just a blink of an eye they are walking around with a toothless grin awaiting "big kid" teeth and turning into a teenager...

Other than a dimple in a cute little chin,
What's more adorable than a toothless grin?
~Azu "Betty" Espezia

Next: Pictures coming up of Dylan's 13th birthday party this weekend...


  1. precious! it is amazing how fast time flies. your girl is growing into quite a little beauty! good luck with losing the teeth - hope it is better than teeth coming in. oof!! xoxo Sarah (google won't let me sign in under my screen name!!!)


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