Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Party like a 13 year old..."

Our little boy is officially a teenager!

From this...

 To this!

Dylan's birthday celebration was a sad but wonderful day. You ask why was it sad? Well, we have watched him grow from a little boy to a loving, caring, bright young man which is an eye-opening experience for any parent to see their child reach a new chapter in their life. 

Teenage-hood can be an awkward transitional period for teenagers. So encourage, support and love them with open lines of communication. 

As for you the mommy, your teens can be unbearable at times. They make you cry, they make you laugh, they make you feel like a failure, they make millions of emotions out of you.

Yet through it all, you still love your teen even though at times it is very complicated.

No matter what, acknowledge your heartfelt emotions through this period because it is brief and then in a blink of an eye they are moving on to another chapter in their lives. You can only pray that the love and energy you invest in your child sends them off into this big, crazy world to become a caring, loving and bright young individual...

Okay enough of the sappy stuff an on to some pictures of the birthday celebration!

Happy 13th Birthday, Dylan!

Russ and Dylan

Dylan's Great-Grandma's - Nan and Mary

Dylan's other Great-Grandma Mary (to the left)

My sister-in-law, Shannon; Niece, Savannah Grace and brother, Ronnie

Salena and Shannon

My cousin, Mary and her daughter, MaKayla Alyson

Aunt Renee

Chuck and James

Ruthie, Frank and Sam (missing sweet Sophie in this picture)

Um, Ronnie I think Payton's horse is a tad to small for you -- wouldn't you say?

Cameron, Jalen, Dylan and Alex -- silly boys!

One happy teenage boy!

 Cookie cake time!

The beautiful Sophie patiently waiting on a slice of cookie cake.


 After the birthday celebration we took the boys to Latitude 30 to play games and be boys...

 Dylan, Cameron, Jalen and even Russ and Chuck trying to see who could score the highest in the Boxer game.

Boys will be boys!

Russ and Steph playing air hockey

And yes, that is me focused on a serious game of Deal or No Deal

 Dylan's 1st birthday celebration and 12 years later he has grown into a wonderful young man. I am so incredibly proud to call him my son!

Hope you enjoy our little family blog. When you visit the blog, please feel free to leave a comment for us below. We love to hear from our family and friends! 

Until next time...


  1. great photos thanks for sharing with me:)


  2. Thanks for sharing this with us and for sharing his birthday too! I looked at that hospital picture and remembered you bringing him home. I can't believe he is 13! You have so many resons to be proud. Big hugs to all.
    The Pfisters

  3. Can't believe these "kids" are growing up so fast! Allison, you sure look like your Mom.
    Aunt Joan

  4. My oldest just turned 13 also...a girl teenager....:) Thanks for following my blog!! I am following you back!

  5. Lovingmomma - God bless you! We are deathly afraid of the day our highly opinionated 6 yr old daughter becomes a teenager...Eek! Looking forward to following your posts. Thank you for following back :)


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