Wednesday, August 1, 2012

7 Questions #16

Okay, I'm jumping on the bandwagon an joining Gentri Lee and the others 

Here goes...but first my funny picture!

1. It's the first day of August- Are you savoring the Summer or ready to jump into Fall?
 I'm savoring every minute of Summer. Loving the long summer days, swimming, trips to the beach, boating, camping and looking forward to our trip this weekend to my dads cabin in North Carolina. Great Smoky Mountains here we come!

2. You need a quick and healthy meal, what do you make?
I am all about some healthy meals! One of our faves for a meatless Monday is whole wheat pasta with vodka cream sauce.  Super easy and oh so yummy! Click here for the recipe.

3. You're at the mall, how do you shop?
Don't you just hate those dreaded dressing room mirrors? Well, I hate them so much that now I buy what I like, bring them home to try on in the comfort of my own beautiful full length mirror. I know it's a lot of work returning them but hey to each his own...
 Does this mirror make my butt look big?

4. Would you rather buy a new house or renovate an old one?
Well, speaking from experience our first home we bought was 60 years old with loads of character. Original hardwood floors, original canary yellow and vintage white tiles in the bathroom, curved archways and even a phone nook in the hall when there was one telephone to share in the house way back when. Loved it! But then we sold it because the neighborhood was becoming unsafe for our family so we decided to build our first home. Having a nice new home was amazing but after 5 years I longed for the old home feel with all the character. So here we are now with a beautiful older home with so much character and potential. 

5. Long hair or short hair?
Okay, so this question I seriously need your help with. Growing up I always had long hair (down to my behind to be exact!) but after Payton was born and having cancer after just having a baby I stepped outside my box an cut it OFF!  

Bye, bye hair!

Okay so on that note I need your thoughts. Long or short? Right now I'm growing it out. It's currently at my shoulder blades but I am getting that itch to cut it all off again. HELP!

 Yea or Nay? 

6. Who is your oldest (not by age) friend?
My oldest (not by age) and dearest friend is Sarah over at The Salad Days. We've been friends since the 4th grade. Got our first place together, married around the same time and loving our lives as wives and mamas 25 years later. She will always be my BFF!

 7. What is your favorite blog- currently?
 So hard to choose because I love you ALLLLLLLL! But if I had to pick one that I'm totally digging right now it would be Melissa at A Day in the Life of a Mom and a Wife. Love her style and she is one HOT mama! I'm so tattoo envious.


  1. OMG!!!! You are SO sweet. Thank you so much girly! I'm blushing over here.

  2. Hmmm you look cute w both but the long is so pretty! If I had more hair I'd like my hair long too. And I love your experience on the homes! So good to hear!! And, hello! That's a genius way to shop! Haha!
    SO glad you jumped on the bandwagon for 7Q's!

  3. love the funny picture!! that sauce looks delicious!! love your short hair!!

  4. found you through the my beautiful, crazy life blog hop and now follow!

  5. Congrats on surviving cancer, WOW. Thanks for stopping by my blog, now I get to see YOUR lovely blog! I like short hair on you, it accents your face well!! And I hate dressing room mirrors too, they always make me focus on things BESIDES the clothes, like "Is my makeup running?" and "I never realized how thin my hair was!" and then I buy the clothes out of shame.

  6. Love the short hair! Newest follower from the FL linkup! We are from central florida!


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