Friday, April 13, 2012

"Keeping the Faith..."

This past month or so (read: my brain can no longer keep track of days) it has been a true test of Faith with not knowing why our sweet, Payton has been so ill and our loving teenage son, Dylan fracturing his arm and now has to wear a cast for 4 weeks. This mama is just plain exhausted! 

Faith: (noun)

Complete trust or confidence in someone or something or a strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.

Whatever your Faith maybe I truly believe that if you 'trust' or 'have confidence' in something or a 'strong belief in God' you are capable of many things. This past 13 months since my mother suddenly passed away last February at the young age of 51, we have spent so much time in and out of hospitals between my grandma having cancer, my other grandma (who I am the caregiver for) taking a terrible fall and having 3 months of rehab, my grandfather having a quadruple bypass with multiple complications, my other grandfather having a stroke and the kids being in and out of doctors and hospitals -- it has taken a toll on my Faith. But not in a bad way, my Faith with each passing day has become stronger.

I've trusted the path that God has lead me on knowing that all that He has placed on my plate is not to do harm but to prepare me for my future as a wife, mother, caregiver and soon-to-be nurse. Dear readers, let me tell you it has NOT been an easy journey to get to where I am today because I still have to work hard at having Faith in what my days bring me...

Love. Support. Giving. Fellowship.  

Through all this we all have remained strong and confident that no matter what God hands us, He will carry us through it...

This morning I received news that at 1am my dearest friend Katrina Herx suddenly lost her beloved husband, Fredrick Herx. You may not know them but please say a prayer for her and their family as this is going to be a very long, hard journey for her and their boys. Thank you.

Have a blessed day.




  1. Hey! It's Natalie!! (cuppajo on Instagram!) Found your blog and I followed! Lets do a link exchange. Gotta button??

    LOVE the blog by the way! Cute family!! And your kids are some tough kids!! :)


  2. So sorry:( Hang in there! Faith is an amazing resource...when we are being tested it is all we have!


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