Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Run, run, fast as you can"

Do you love to run? Do you love to run and help others? We love to get involved and help by doing local races for different organizations. Not only are you benefiting that organization or charity by signing up and/or raising money but it keeps you physically fit! It is a win-win all the way around. 

Here are a few organizations that I have participated in:

This Saturday Dylan proudly completed his first 5k race with me for the Don's Friends Run in St. Augustine Beach. Friday night we got our bibs and race packet so we were set for the next morning...

Race started at 8:30am. What a beautiful morning for a run!

View of the Finish line before the race. 

We ran not only for Don's cause but in Memory of my beloved mother who passed away last year...

Ready. Set. Go.

Dylan completed the race in 34:05 (with a fractured arm) and I had to take it easy on my fractured foot but completed the race in 38:45. Not to shabby!

Celebration time!

Check out the 'water girl'...such a cutie pie!

Get involved! This is the perfect time of the year to sign up for some local races in your area. I promise you won't be disappointed because it is an amazing experience!

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Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. You are such a sweet heart! This race looked like alot of fun! Big thumbs up for pushing thru the fractures!!


    ps. thanks for the shout out :)

  2. Way to go! I can't believe you two ran not being at 100 percent. Giving back to the community by running is a great thing to do.

    Your race wasn't too far from where my parents live!

    On an unrelated note - how did you make such an awesome blog header?!

  3. Thanks ladies! We had fun, injuries and all. I am very proud of our boy!

    Meg - Really? Where do your parents live? We have family in Indiana too. Maybe we could meet up an have a bloggy mom playdate someday. I had the header designed by 'Three little birdies Designs' from Etsy. If you look to the right of my blog you can click on her link to her Etsy store. Super cool chick and love that she did an amazing job on my blog.

  4. I havent been able to run in a long, long time because of degenerative disk disease and osteoarthritis. So, I felt sorry for myself and gained all my weight back that I lost running. Now, I am walking again and trying to reclaim my life with the hopes of being able to run again someday. I am doing my first walk on May 5 for the Arthritis Foundation. I have done walks/runs in the past for MD, March of Dimes, and American Cancer Society. Its such an amazing thing to be able to just walk or run and give something back to an organization that can benefit from it.

    PS - I am following you on instagram ;) thats how I found your blog.

  5. Chrystal - Oh no! Those can make it quite uncomfortable to run or even exercise. So glad you doing some walks. Such a great way to start back up again! I fractured my foot 3 years ago when I ran a half marathon which has not been the same since. The doc said it's shots or surgery...I said neither! So I grin and bare it now. Some days are better than others. So glad you are following my blog and instagram! I love connecting with other mamas. Are you from Michigan?? My hubby is from Michigan and his family lives in Alpena :)

  6. Congrats to both of you for completing your run and being injured too! My blogging partner daughter just completed her first half marathon, thirteen miles I was dazzled. How nice you are running for a charity too. Thanks for stopping by Laura.
    PS you asks about growing grape hyacinths in the south the answer is, yes. They are bulbs that need to be planted in the fall, go for it!

  7. Amazing job completing the race!!! I know it must have been hard but you contributed to such a wonderful cause!!!

  8. Good for you!! If I can get this silly 4HB diet down I am going to resume running:) Running is great and feels good:)


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